Allow me to introduce myself!

Dear People of the Royal Court,

Hey what's up?! This is Michele', owner and CEO of Princely Wear, and I am here for you! A quick bio on me- a soon to be medically retired Navy Sailor of 12 years, a wife, and a mom of 3 boys! Yes, THREE. Send all the prayers, love and light my way! LOL! Here at Princely Wear, I am here for all the parents that have boys. Aren't you tired of clothes shopping for your boys, and every store has the same 3-4 styles? Plaid, collar shirts, and khaki/cargo shorts/pants? I know I am! I am tired of looking at my boys dressed like they're about to deliver mail, or hitting up a golf course. So I am stepping up, and creating a line for boys where they will have more options to express themselves! What are some styles you would like to see on your young prince? Let me know!!

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