Dear People of the Royal Court,


Whew, what a week it has been already, as a PARENT! And it's Wednesday!! Have you had a moment where you caught your child doing something inappropriate, that it forces the conversation you dread to speak to them about? Well it has happened! 

The topic of discussion: SEX! 

Thankfully my child has not actually engaged in it, but he has explored it. DAMN THE INTERNET! We discussed the do's and don'ts, consent, protection, the whole shabang! It wasn't easy, but I'm glad the initial conversation has been made. I say INITIAL, because this topic, and many other, is an ongoing thing that will have NO end. Hell, I still speak to MY mother about it! Have you had that initial conversation yet with your young prince? Let's hear it!

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  • Bruh my son did the same thing

    The bomb

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